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Should I Choose Cryosurgery for My Dog?

By June 7, 2022 June 10th, 2022 blog

Dog owners want to know their pets have access to the best medical solutions. With so many pet care treatments on the market, you may have questions about options like cryosurgery for dogs.

The types of cryosurgery available through veterinarian offices are safe and effective. Consider this treatment option if you find abnormal tissue or tumors in your dog.

Common Questions about Cryosurgery

You may have questions about the safety, costs, and methods of cryosurgery. Below is a comprehensive list of questions and answers so you can heal your pet with confidence.

Is liquid nitrogen considered cryosurgery?

Liquid nitrogen is one of the most common methods of administering cryosurgery. It provides precise freezing temperatures to the target area. Therefore, it reduces the potential for damage to unaffected areas.

Can you freeze off a cyst on a dog with cryosurgery?

Yes. Cryosurgery is an effective, non-invasive treatment for dogs with cysts, lesions, and other abnormal tissue.

How long does cryosurgery take?

Cryosurgery on dogs usually takes less than 30 minutes per area to complete. This process requires the freezing and thawing of the affected mass in two or three cycles.

Is cryotherapy painful for dogs?

Freezing the affected area with cryotherapy is not a very painful procedure.  However, veterinarians may opt to use local or general anesthetic to ensure your dog is not in pain during the procedure. 

What is the recovery time for cryosurgery?

It typically takes around two weeks to recover from cryosurgery for dogs. Once the tissue in the masses dies, the area will need to heal for a few days. Pet owners should keep their dogs from biting or scratching at the treatment area to prevent infection.

What are the risks of cryosurgery?

This treatment is a quick and safe procedure that usually results in few to no complications. If the affected mass does not fall off in the first two weeks following cryosurgery, your dog may need a follow-up treatment.

What is the average cost of cryosurgery on dogs?

The price depends on how many spots a veterinarian must treat. It also hinges on the anesthesia option that is chosen. 

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