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What You Need to Know about Cherry Eye Surgery

By July 12, 2022 December 22nd, 2022 blog

Like many other mammals, dogs have a third eyelid in the corner of their eyes called the “nictitating membrane.” This third eyelid produces tear film, which protects and moisturizes the eye.

When this eyelid expands and bulges out, it becomes a bright red mass in the corner of the dog’s eye. As a result, the dog has “cherry eye.” 

Curing cherry eye requires a surgical procedure. As with any other surgery, you probably have plenty of questions surrounding cherry eye surgery. To ease your mind, Midway Animal Hospital is here to address your concerns about cherry eye in dogs.

Cherry Eye Surgery Types

Tucking and imbrication are the two types of cherry eye surgery. They put the third eyelid gland back into its proper position.

  • Tucking: This method is perhaps the most common cherry eye surgery. It involves placing a single stitch to bring the third eyelid gland back to its proper position.
  • Imbrication: A more recent technique, imbrication involves removing tissue from on top of the third eyelid gland. Stitches and tightening push the gland back into place.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Causes Cherry Eye?

Tear gland inflammation is the leading cause of cherry eye.

What Does Early Stage Cherry Eye in Dogs Look Like? 

Look for redness, swelling, and irritation as the first signs of cherry eye in dogs.

How Long Does Cherry Eye Surgery Take?

This surgery generally takes about 20-30 minutes.

Does Cherry Eye Go Away?

Occasionally, eye drops and medications will rid your dog of cherry eye. However, most cases require surgery.

How Much Does Cherry Eye Surgery Cost?

The cost differs for each case. For larger dogs, the necessary medication will amount to a higher price. If your dog has cherry eye in both eyes, the procedure will cost more than a single eye treatment. 

What Age Can a Puppy Have Cherry Eye Surgery?

The minimum recommended age to undergo cherry eye surgery is four months.

What is the Cherry Eye Surgery Success Rate

There’s no guarantee of success with cherry eye surgery. Furthermore, a second surgery is not uncommon. The sooner you bring in your dog after the condition develops, the higher the cherry eye surgery success rate.

Are There Complications after Cherry Eye Surgery?

Following surgery, swelling and inflammation may occur. In some cases, curing cherry eye in dogs requires a second surgery.

What is the Cherry Eye Surgery Healing Time?

Dogs usually heal from cherry eye surgery in about two weeks. You should routinely check in with your veterinarian to ensure a smooth recovery.

How to Prevent Cherry Eye

Veterinarians do not currently know how to prevent cherry eye. However, knowing your dog’s health history can help with quick detection.

Cherry Eye Surgery from Midway Animal Hospital

Cherry eye in dogs is a serious yet treatable condition. For effective cherry eye surgery, Midway Animal Hospital is your trusted clinic.

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