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Tips for Training Your New Puppy

By December 22, 2022 blog

If you’ve recently adopted a puppy, beginning training as soon as possible is an important step in preventing unwanted behaviors and setting clear expectations for your furry friend. At Midway Animal Hospital, we understand the importance of early training. Here are our tips and tricks for training your new puppy.

How Do You Start a Puppy With Basic Commands?

To teach your dog obedience training, you need to use positive reinforcement. Punishing your new puppy when they don’t exhibit desired behaviors is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Instead, focus on only rewarding positive behaviors. Training with positive reinforcement is not only more effective – it’s also better for the bond between you and your pup!

Starting your puppy’s training with basic commands will help them be receptive to more complicated commands later on.


What Is the First Thing I Should Train My Puppy To Do?

Potty training is the first thing you should teach when you bring your puppy home. Start by showing your puppy its potty spot. If you notice your puppy lifting a leg on the carpet or squatting, take them to their designated spot.


Say, “Go potty,” and reward your puppy with praise or treats when they finish. A six- to eight-week-old puppy cannot hold its bladder for longer periods of time.

What Are the First 3 Commands To Teach a Puppy?

There are three basic, fundamental commands that every dog owner should enforce to help protect a dog from potentially dangerous situations. 


    1. Come – A recall command is imperative to your dog and others’ safety. The easiest way to start training recall is to have a helper. Ask your helper to lightly restrain your dog by its collar. Move several feet away from your pup and shout its name. As soon as you shout, have your helper release your dog so that it can run toward you. When your dog reaches you, give it high-value treats, and repeat! As your dog gets better at this command, introduce the word “come” each time you practice the behavior. 
    2. Stop – Once you’ve trained a recall command, you can train other commands more easily. Start in a pretty open space, like a yard, and call your dog to you.  As he’s running towards you, throw a treat directly behind him so he must stop to retrieve it. Repeat this, and eventually, introduce the word “stop” as you throw the treat.
    3. Leave It – This command will help you stop your dog from eating things it shouldn’t. Start with a treat in your hand and hold it in front of your dog’s nose. He will likely try to open your hand to get the treat. Say, “leave it”, and don’t let him get the treat. As soon as he turns or moves his nose away, give him the treat. 


Puppy Training for Beginners

Puppies respond best to training when well-rested. Get them ready but don’t let them get too excited, as it will be more difficult for them to focus. Pack a bag full of small, tasty, nutritious treats to keep your puppy engaged during training. 

New Puppy Care at Midway Animal Hospital

Midway Animal Hospital can provide your new puppy or dog with individualized care. We have over 34 years of experience treating animals. Our veterinarians continue to update their skills through education, the latest innovations, and protocols to provide the best care for your pets.

Contact Midway Animal Hospital in Alpharetta, GA, today for more information on tricks for training your new puppy and expert care for your furry friend. Call us at (770) 475-2003. 

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