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Top 5 Reasons for Regular Dog Grooming & Bathing

By August 4, 2023 blog, Caring for Your Pet

Some dog owners prefer at-home grooming and bathing for their pup; however, it’s worth taking a dog to a professional groomer to reap the most benefits. Groomers don’t just give your dog a fresh haircut and leave them looking prim and proper. They also improve your dog’s overall health by tending to their coat, nails, and much more.

The veterinary team at Midway Animal Hospital explains the top five reasons why your four-legged friend needs regular dog grooming and bathing. If you and your dog are ready to benefit from regular grooming and bathing, schedule an appointment with our team of dedicated animal groomers.

1. It Socializes Your Dog

Despite being man’s best friend, some dogs are more shy than others and don’t socialize well. Regular grooming appointments let your dog become familiar with a handler and help them overcome their fear of strangers. Over time, going to the groomer’s can help anxious dogs handle vet visits better.

In between professional grooming appointments, you should maintain your dog’s coat at home with regular brushing and bathing whenever possible. This once again gets them accustomed to grooming appointments but also serves as a bonding experience for the two of you.

2. It Prevents Health Issues

Regular dog grooming and bathing is essential for your dog’s health for several reasons. Their coat will look and feel much healthier, but the groomer will also perform tasks that promote overall good health, such as:

  • Nail trimming: Standing on paws with overgrown nails can be very painful for dogs and affect their posture. Trimming their nails eliminates this risk while also avoiding any scratches to your floors or furniture.
  • Teeth brushing: Good dental hygiene strengthens your dog’s teeth as well as addresses any bad breath.
  • Ear cleaning: Ear infections are common in dogs, but cleaning them regularly prevents issues and maintains their health.
  • General inspection: By checking the dog’s fur, skin, paws, and mouth, the groomer can spot signs of injury or infection and point them out before they worsen.

3. Their Coat Gets Healthier

Depending on your dog’s breed, their coat may be their defining feature. For long-haired dogs, unruly fur can lead to painful mats that are hard to remove. If the fur becomes snarled and dirty, it takes away from the dog’s appearance but can also irritate the skin underneath its coat.

Taking your dog to a groomer for routine baths and brushing eliminates all dirt from the coat and removes damaged fur, as well as dead skin. The groomer will use special brushes and techniques to evenly distribute natural oils throughout your dog’s coat which leaves it shiny and smooth. As an added benefit, regular dog grooming keeps shedding under control, so you aren’t constantly picking up clumps of fur throughout your home.

4. Groomers Can Handle Unpleasant Tasks

Dogs can get themselves into trouble when they explore the great outdoors. Should they find themselves face to face with a skunk that sprays in defense or come home with a coat full of ticks and fleas, a groomer will know exactly what to do to get them clean. Groomers can also stimulate the dog’s anal gland expression and clean that area, which most owners are not comfortable doing.

While these tasks are not the most glamorous to perform, they are essential for your dog’s health. A professional groomer uses all of the right tools and formulas to restore your dog’s coat and anal glands when unwanted pests or dirt seeps in.

5. Groomers Get All the Dog’s Hard-To-Reach Places

Performing regular dog grooming or bathing at home may be only a partial success, depending on how cooperative your pooch is. Some dogs may not let you go over sensitive areas with a brush, nor let you wash them everywhere with shampoo. However, visiting a professional groomer ensures that all of the hard-to-reach places are taken care of.

By securing the dog to the grooming table and maneuvering around it, a groomer will be able to wash every crevice of the dog’s body and trim areas that are difficult to reach on your own. Groomers use the proper tools to trim all parts of your dog’s coat, including delicate areas around their face and ears, as well as around their tail and under their paws. The end result is a clean new haircut that looks great and makes your dog even more lovable.

How Often To Schedule Regular Dog Grooming and Bathing

Every dog is different, and therefore, their grooming needs will vary. Consider your dog’s coat length, the time they spend outside getting dirty, and general grooming needs, then build a schedule around that. For example, a dog with a shorter coat who spends minimal time outdoors can likely go longer periods between grooming than one with a thick coat prone to matting.

No matter how often you take your dog to a professional groomer, it’s important to maintain their appearance between appointments by grooming them at home. Remember to brush their fur on a routine basis, check their ears, clean their teeth, and trim their nails to the best of your ability.

Pay attention to your dog’s appearance after they come in from outside. If your pup loves to play in wooded or grassy areas, inspect their fur for ticks or scrapes. Invest in year-round flea protection as well to prevent harmful diseases carried by these pests.

Care for your dog by grooming them as much as you can. This optimizes their overall health and well-being, as well as helps you bond with them.

Choose Midway Animal Hospital for High-Quality Dog Grooming and Health Checks

Now that you know the health benefits that come from regular dog grooming and bathing, don’t wait to bring your pooch to the professional groomers at Midway Animal Hospital. Dog owners throughout Alpharetta, GA, bring their furry friends to our veterinary office, where we help them look and feel great. Contact our staff today at (770) 475-2003 to enhance your dog’s health through our grooming services and general wellness exams.