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FAQs about finding the right boarding facility for your pet

By December 14, 2015 November 21st, 2018 Caring for Your Pet
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Are you going out of town? Do you need to leave you furry friend behind? One of biggest sources of anxiety for pet owners is the guilt they feel for leaving their pet behind.

Finding a boarding facility that provides quality care for your pet while you are out of town can give you peace of mind.

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Your pet depends on you to take good care of them, even when you are out of town. Relatives, friends or neighbors may seem like great choices since they are familiar with your pet and your house, but they may not have the time or experience to properly look after your pet, especially on long trips.

Your pet’s best choice for quality care may come from a pet professional at a boarding facility or a professional pet sitter.

Boarding your pet in our facility allows your pet to:

  • Avoid the stress of a long car or airplane ride to your destination
  • Stay where they are welcome, unlike hotels and relative’s houses
  • Receive more attention than if they were home alone all day
  • Be monitored by a staff trained in pet care and behavior
  • Be under the supervision of a veterinarian if any medical need arises
  • Be secure in a kennel designed to prevent escape

What to look for in a kennel:

Be sure to plan time to visit the kennel prior to dropping your pet off for their stay. Ask for a tour and make sure that the area where your pet will be staying meets these requirements:

  • The kennel should look and smell clean
  • The area should be climate controlled and maintain a comfortable temperature
  • There should be plenty of ventilation and light in the facility
  • The staff should be knowledgeable and caring and not rushed and stressed
  • Each pet should have enough space to move around and be comfortable in their area
  • Is the facility loud since all dogs are kept in on area?
  • Cats should be separated from dogs to keep their stress down
  • All pets should be required to be current on their core vaccinations
  • What steps do they take if a pet gets ill, are there veterinary services available?
  • How many times a day is your pet walked and fed?
  • What are they fed and can I bring my own food and/or bedding and toys?
  • Will your pet be walked separately or are they in a group?
  • How often can I check up on my pet? Can I see pictures while I am away?

Each kennel sets their schedule and rates differently. Some kennels require a bath after a certain numbers of days at the owner’s expense. Other facilities charge by the day and require a pet be picked up by a certain time before getting charged for the day. There may be extra charges to medicate your pet, feed them their own food, or take them for extra walks. Be sure to go over everything your pet will need ahead of time to avoid unexpected charges at pick up.

Once you have found a place that meets you and your pet’s needs, give them a good contact number and a local back up just in case. Bring your pet in and introduce them to a staff member and say good-bye. Avoid long, emotional partings, which may upset your pet. Finally, have a good trip, knowing that you took the time to find the right place for your furry friends and they are in good hands.