Veterinary Coupons & Offers in Alpharetta, GA

Increasingly our clients have been requesting prescriptions for preventives to purchase on the internet. They indicated price and the convenience of home delivery as their reasons.

At Midway Animal Hospital our goal has always been to serve the complete healthcare needs of the clients and pet we serve. Those needs include our professional services, medications and most importantly client education specific to each individual pet.

We have never employed any sophisticated pricing strategies for our preventives. We have always adhered to the manufacturer’s suggested pricing.

In order to safeguard our role as your pet’s expert healthcare educator we have created an online store for home delivery with prices comparable to the leading online non-veterinary pharmacies. We can also provide once a month home delivery on some preventives to spread payments and better ensure on-going administration.

Order Online

If clients choose to purchase from other outlets we will provide a written prescription. To avoid any potential doctor-client/pet confidentiality issues, we will not communicate with the online discounter in any form or fashion.