Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does my pet need parasite prevention in the winter months?

A: Cats and dogs, even those living indoors, need parasite prevention all year long. While the infection rate decreases in cold weather, pets are still at risk. One reason is that outdoor parasites tend to move inside during winter months. Another thing to keep in mind is that the cost of prevention far outweighs the cost of treatment.

Q: If I keep my pet on parasite prevention, why do I need to test for heartworms each year?

A: Even though today’s preventive medications are highly effective, like with any medicine, none are 100 percent effective, especially if your pet inadvertently misses a dose. Testing is the only way to ensure we catch infection early.

Q: Does it really matter that my pet gained a pound or two?

A: Any weight gain in your pet should be taken seriously because getting heavier could signal or lead to more complicated problems like thyroid disease, diabetes, or osteoarthritis.

Q: Why does this service cost so much?

A: This itemized treatment plan outlines all the costs, including that of bloodwork, ultrasonography, and X-Rays. These tests, done on state-of-the art machines, enable us to catch potential health problems we would not otherwise be able to see.

Q: How will this treatment help my pet? She’s just old.

A: With the right treatments and services, most pets can still experience a high quality of life even if they are getting on in years. We strive to improve both the length of life and the quality of your pet’s life.