About Our Alpharetta Vet Clinic

Midway Animal Hospital was founded in 1988 as a one veterinarian clinic operated out of a small renovated house. The founders had a vision of a veterinary hospital that treats pets with the same level of medical care and attention given to human patients. It was this insight and dedication that brought Midway Animal Hospital to where it is today—has multiple veterinarians, full of quality veterinary services facility offering the most progressive and up-to-date treatments available. We also offer pet grooming for your furry friends!

We are a small animal hospital that is locally owned and operated by a staff that enjoys small town values while using the most modern equipment available to care for your furry family members.

We believe in preventive care which means we want to keep your pet healthy so they can live a long and happy life. Our standards of care allow for us to identify and diagnose underlying conditions using, annual pet vaccinations, comprehensive wellness exam and blood testing before they threaten the health of your pet. If need be we offer pet surgery, pet x-rays, and pet ultrasound.

We are proud to say that Midway Animal Hospital is an AAHA accredited practice. AAHA is the American Animal Hospital Association which strictly regulates member­ship and is only allowed to veterinary hospitals with the highest standards that pass the AAHA inspection. Only 10% of animal hospitals are AAHA accredited. These hospitals must also pass periodic reviews to retain their accreditation. We also have real midway animal hospital reviews if you would like to see our client’s experiences.