Our Veterinary Staff Alpharetta, GA

Amber - Practice Manager

Amber – Practice Manager

Fun Fact: “I have a small dog that loves to go bass fishing. She literally jumps in the water after the fish.”

Katie - Client Service Manager

Katie – Client Service Manager

Fun Fact: “All of my animals have been rescues.”

Mandy - Client Service Representative

Mandy – Client Service Representative

Fun Fact: “I went to cosmetology school and realized that trying to make people pretty is stressful.”


Morgan – Client Service Representative

Fun Fact: “I want to own a sanctuary for senior and disabled animals.”

Melinda - Registered Veterinary Technician

Melinda – Registered Veterinary Technician

Fun Fact: “I love spending time curled up with my cats.”


Roman - Veterinary Assistant

Roman – Veterinary Assistant

Fun Fact: “In high school, I chose to have a dog instead of a car.”

Skylar - Veterinary Assistant

Skylar – Veterinary Assistant

Fun Fact: “I have named all my dogs after rappers.”

Summer - Veterinary Assistant

Summer – Veterinary Assistant

Fun Fact: “I have lived in 3 capital cities.”

Midway Animal Hospital logoAndrea – Veterinary Assistant

Fun Fact: “My life goal is to own a ranch for senior dogs and cats who are in the shelters so that they may live out their lives in happiness.”

Rachael - Pet Care Specialist

Rachael – Pet Care Specialist

Fun Fact: “I played the french horn for 7 years.”

Brian - Pet Care Specialist

Brian – Pet Care Specialist

Fun Fact: “I worked on an episode of “Walking Dead” as a zombie.”

Fawn - Groomer

Fawn – Groomer

Fun Fact: “I love to ride on curvy roads in my Mini Cooper.”