Veterinary Services Alpharetta, GA

long haired small dog being groomed

Bathing and Grooming

Professional grooming services are performed by our experienced and loving groomers, Fawn and Jazmine. Grooming service is available Monday-Friday, by appointment only.

Regular baths can be performed daily Monday-Saturday by our pet care specialists.

canine and feline

Canine and Feline Preventative Health Care

We are committed to preventive care for the pets we serve, which means we take a proactive approach to your pet’s healthcare and overall well-being.

elder dog running through field holding a stick

Senior Pet Wellness Care

Just as the health care needs of humans change as we age, the same applies to pets. Pain management, exercise, and nutrition are more important than ever.

vet brushing dog's teeth

Dental Care

Oral health increases your pet’s well-being, adds to its longevity and makes it more pleasant to be around.

microscope and other lab equipment on counter

Laboratory & Diagnostic

Our in-house laboratory, ultrasound and radiology equipment allow us to quickly and thoroughly evaluate your pet’s health, even in critical cases where time matters.

ultra sound service on a cat

Digital Radiography

Digital radiographs allow us to quickly obtain and interpret images of your pet.

Our new state-of-the-art system replaces traditional film radiographs (x-rays) and greatly improves the quality of our imaging services.

ultra sound service on a cat


Ultrasound is a safe and painless way to visualize the inside of the body using sound waves.

This allows us to get a more detailed look at the organs and pair it with other diagnostic procedures to gain a proper diagnosis and treatment plan.

veterinary surgeon performing surgery on an animal

Surgical Services

The most up-to-date anesthesia and surgical equipment allows us to perform many routine and non-routine surgical services while ensuring your pet’s safety and comfort.

emergency veterinarian services

Emergency Services

If you find your pet is in need of emergency care, please call ahead of your arrival: 770-475-2003. If you are in need of emergency veterinary care during the hours we are closed, please contact All Pets Emergency & Referral Center at 678-366-2500 or Animal Emergency Center of North Fulton at 770-594-2266.


Midway Animal Hospital is excited to be on the list of veterinarian offices offering pet cryosurgery in Alpharetta, GA. This simple and non-invasive procedure is now available to help our doctors remove abnormal tissues from your pets skin without having to put them under anesthesia.