Ultrasonography – Safe and Painless

pet ultrasoundAn alternative to x-rays that we use quite often is ultrasonography. This is a safe and painless way to produce pictures of the inside of your pet’s body using ultrasound waves, and it is also used commonly with people. This type of imaging directs a narrow beam of high-frequency sound waves at the area of the animal’s body being examined.

The sound waves react differently to various structures and tissues inside the pet’s body and produce an image that makes it easier to identify certain conditions. Ultrasonography is frequently used for:

  • Pregnancy diagnosis
  • Heart conditions
  • Cysts and tumors
  • Stomach and intestinal inflammation
  • Liver or kidney abnormalities
  • Pancreatic disorders
  • Urinary issues
  • Prostatic examination

This diagnostic tool is ideal for looking at moving organs within a relatively small segment of the body, such as the heart, and can allow the vet see blood flow using a special doppler setting as well.

Many pets will lie quietly for an ultrasound examination. Sedation or anesthesia is usually only necessary for very nervous pets or those receiving biopsies.

An advantage of ultrasonography is that it is performed in real time, so your vet can see results immediately. Occasionally, we ask for further consultation with a veterinary radiologist. Midway Animal Hospital works with a board certified veterinary radiologist who also visits the clinic monthly to do abdominal and thoracic ultrasounds for thorough and complete examination of the problem area of the body.

For more information about our x-ray and ultrasound equipment, as well as veterinary imaging, please call Midway Animal Hospital.

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