Digital Pet X-rays in Alpharetta, GA

digital x rayOur hospital is equipped with state of the art digital radiography. We use this to help diagnose injuries and illnesses in your pets.

The process for obtaining digital radiographs of your dog or cat is similar to how they are obtained on a person. The difference is that our technicians have to help hold your pet in the correct position to get the correct image needed.

Digital radiology is commonly used in veterinary medicine for:

  • Assessing bones and joints for fractures, infections, and arthritis
  • Evaluating enlarged or abnormal organs
  • Identifying GI obstructions
  • Visualizing injuries related to trauma
  • Identifying abnormal fluids or masses

We send all our digital images for a consultation by a board certified radiologist. Digital images require minimal storage space, and they can be sent between facilities with ease. If we need to send your pet’s images elsewhere, it can be done quickly via email making consultations outside our facility possible in much less time than in the past.

If your dog or cat needs radiographic images, please contact Midway Animal Hospital. We would be happy to set up an appointment for you. If your pet needs a more urgent examination, check our emergency vet information.

“Dr. Hardee and staff gave our miniature schnauzer excellent care and extended our pet’s quality of life years past what would have been otherwise possible (our dog had diabetes).”

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