State-of-the-art Digital Xrays Imaging

digital x rayDigital radiography is a special kind of x-ray imaging that we use at Midway Animal Hospital to help diagnose injuries and illnesses in cats and dogs. You are probably familiar with traditional x-rays, which are used to image animals the same way they are for people. With our new, state of the art digital radiology, resulting images are digital, not made with film, so they are faster and cleaner, as well as more cost effective.

Digital images require minimal storage space, and they can be sent between facilities with ease. If we need to send your pet’s images elsewhere, it can be done quickly via email, which makes consultations outside our facility possible in much less time than in the past. In fact, we send all our digital images for a consultation by a board certified radiologist.

Another advantage of digital radiography over traditional x-rays is there is no loss of image quality either through degradation of the film over time or when the images are resized to get a better view. This means your veterinarian can enlarge a digital radiograph and get a clear picture with no blurring or distortion, which helps in diagnosing challenging cases.

The process for obtaining a digital radiograph of your dog or cat is similar to using a traditional x-ray machine, although it’s usually a bit faster, which means less radiation exposure and less stress to your pet.

Digital radiology is commonly used in veterinary medicine for things like:

  • Viewing a broken bone
  • Assessing injuries related to trauma
  • Identifying swallowed foreign objects
  • Evaluating the body for abnormal organs, abnormal fluid or masses

If your dog or cat needs radiographic images, please contact Midway Animal Hospital. We can set up a digital radiography appointment for you in imaging and connect you with our consulting veterinary radiologist as needed.

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